Entrepreneurship is a concept that can be viewed in the strict sense of the word or more broadly.

Strictly speaking, entrepreneurship is the act of creating wealth and/or employment through the establishment or re-establishment of a business.

More broadly, entrepreneurship is the capacity to formulate an idea, to launch a project, which could lead to, among other things, the establishment of a business, but which could also lead to intrapreneurship.


Intrapreneurship is the process of acting like an entrepreneur but working within an organisation or company.


Generally speaking, an entrepreneur is someone who carries out projects, such as someone who is capable of turning a dream, an idea, a problem or an opportunity into a business venture.


Adjective describing someone who takes their ideas and innovates by means of action.


An entrepreneurial culture requires qualities like independence, creativity, responsibility, tenacity, self-confidence, solidarity, leadership….


To undertake is to get things moving, to have the capacity to dream up a project that is dear to us, that excites us and in which we feel the desire to be fully invested. It is about being capable of putting in place a number of elements: the actions and energy to realise a project. Whatever the field may be, it must inspire us to take the plunge: artistic, social, societal, humanitarian, sporting or economic…


The entrepreneurial project relies upon the idea of production, a productive action that creates an item, service or event that is innovative and has value within its environment because it responds to a need.

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